Giuseppe Rossi: Really a Traitor?


I’ve previously gone on the record both in print and on the radio stating that I wish Giuseppe Rossi had chosen to play for the United States but since he choose otherwise I feel he can be an ambassador for American soccer even while playing for the Azzuri.

Here are two excellent articles about Rossi from Brian Zygo and Simon Evans.

Brian Zygo: MLS Talk

Simon Evans: Reuters

At the same time I have expressed my disgust at Nevan Subotic, the other high profile “defector” from the US National Team program.

Let’s review Subotic’s life story. He was a refugee taken in by USA.

He was part of a development academy team at a young age.

He then was selected to participate in the USSF’s national academy in Bradenton.

Subotic graduated from the US National Academy and then played for both the U-17s and U-20s.

I should know, I was at his very last US match down here in Boca Raton when he got cut from the U-20 team before the World Cup. It was after this match U-20 manager Thomas Rongen confronted Subotic about some of his habits on and off the pitch.

He then does well with Mainz and because he spent a few years as a kid in Germany begins shopping for a national team offering at various times to play for Serbia, Bosnia and Germany while leaving the USSF which spent time and money developing the kid hanging.

Finally when he couldn’t play for Germany he choose Serbia despite having about 15 USA youth national team caps.

Rossi never talked about playing for anyone but Italy. He rejected even the most basic overture from the United States years ago.

Conversaly, Subotic came up through the US system and because of a dispute with U-20 coach Thomas Rongen began country shopping.

We should be cheering Rossi on as an American native making a huge impact in World Football. On the other hand Subotic should be remembered as a player who used the United States setup to his advantage in order to leverage himself as a player for clubs and other countries.