All About Egypt

Egypt was an unknown for many entering the Confederations Cup. However, Juan Arango from our sister site Mad About Futbol, thought Egypt would get out of the group stage and beat Italy. Thus far Juan has appeared prophetic. I rated Egypt highly as well under Zaki pulled out of the squad. Knowing the US defenders and their propensity to either be out of position or commit a reckless foul I figured Zaki would be able to have his way against the US. But Zaki’s injury combined with Mido’s ommision and Zidan’s hamstring strain against Italy means that Egyptt is down to their fourth choice striker to face the United States.

But does that make a difference against a US side whose selection policy is based on reputation and personal comfort with the manager and who has performed arguably its worst in a major tournament in 19 years this week?

Here are  a few pieces on Egypt




The bottom line is Egypt has played well in this tournament but now must play with a fourth choice striker. This gives the US every opportunity to go home with something despite what has been an absolute embarrassment on the world stage to this point.