Kartik Report MOM: Charlie Davies

Charlie-Davies-scores-aga-001 AP Photo

Bob Bradley’s tactical savvy or lack of it has been the subject of much discussion on this site and others throughout the blogosphere. But the one major tactical change made Sunday was Bradley’s decision to insert Charlie Davies, until now a late game counter attacking threat into the starting XI. Davies is the American whose had the most success as a goal scorer in the Europe. He is consistently successful in the Swedish league but had until today been seen as a role player or counter attacking threat for the U.S.

But given the desperate situation the US found themselves in, Bob Bradley gave Davies a run out. The results were incredible. An early goal created by Davies persistence and work ethic then led to more attacking opportunities largely developed thanks to Davies work rate off the ball and his daring runs on the ball.  Davies can give the US the speed it has lacked on a consistent basis since Josh Wolff was in his prime partnering with Brian McBride up top- a target player who played well with a speedy striker.

The end result a 3-0 US win over Egypt and a trip to the Confederations Cup semifinals. Charlie Davies, the Kartik Report Man of the Match.