How the English Press Covered the US Win

The United States 2-0 win over Spain in yesterday’s FIFA Confederations Cup semifinal has sent shock waves through the UK based football media. While some genuinely objective journalists exist at the UK based papers most have nothing but a biting contempt based on ignorance towards Football in the USA.

The UK based punditry has also elevated Spain to world power status and bookmakers have installed them as the World Cup 2010 favorite while ignoring Spain’s poor World Cup history and the  tradition of bad performances of European national teams in competitions held outside of Europe.

The Guardian, always more cosmopolitan and fairer in their coverage ran this story by the always interesting Amy Lawerence atop their football page.  (It’s now buried due to today’s transfer news and sad passing of Steven Wells, another person who stood up for the US in the English footy press)

The Times buried this story on their football page. The piece was written by Gabriele Marcotti who grew up in the US.

The Telegraph ran this story focusing on the Spanish angle.

The Independent ran a story in the morning UK time but by the afternoon it was gone.

The Mirror ran this story featuring Tim Howard near the bottom of  its Football page.

The Mail completely ignored the result inspite of running several transfer related stories about Spanish players.

The Sun? Don’t ask. But since you did here was the writeup in classic Sun style.