Turkcell Super League – Ankaraspor demotion update

The Ankaraspor saga may not be over just yet. On September 30, the TFF Arbitration committee will have a meeting to look into the situation concerning Ankaraspor, and their forced demotion by the Professional Football Disciplinary Committee (PDFK). On that day, the PDFK will defend its position on the matter, while Ankaraspor will make the argument that it should stay in the Turkcell Super League. After that, it will be up to the Arbitration board to decide Ankaraspor’s fate. Ankaraspor is not scheduled to play this weekend due to its punishment. But after September 30th, depending on the Arbitration committee’s decision, Ankaraspor may be able to continue play in the Turkcell Super League after all. Whatever happens, this controversy has been gaining steam, and the end result should be interesting.