Mustafa Denizli speaks and Ankaraspor update

    Mustafa Denizli must feel like the weight of the whole world is on his shoulders. After coming in at the beginning of the second half of last season, he would turn around the fortunes of Beşiktaş by accomplishing the double of the Turkish Cup and Turkcell Super League title. The league title would make Denizli the only manager in the history of Turkish 1st division football to win league titles with each of the big three Istanbul clubs. This season has not gone right for him, as it seems as though Beşiktaş is sinking faster than the Titanic. After the loss to Kayserispor, he had mentioned that he had thought about resigning from his position. But Beşiktaş chairman Yıldırım Demirören convinced him to stay on.
    Denizli would appear on Show TV’s 6 Pas program and make some confessions, according to Milliyet. One of the highlights is that he mentioned that current Galatasaray player Gökhan Zan “burned” him. Denizli said that he did not believe that Zan would sign with Galatasaray. He had thought that Galatasaray would sell Servet Cetin to Olympique Marseille. He also said that the thought about using his right to get another foreign player to shore up the defense didn’t cross his mind. When Zan left, Denizli said that he had to sign Matteo Ferrari from Genoa. Otherwise, he could have used Ibrahim Toraman and Zan as his starting central defenders. This is why he sent Tomas Zapotocny on loan to Bursaspor. Denizli mentioned that he thought about sending Tomas Sivok out as well. Denizli would have replaced the two Czech players with two quality midfield players but it wasn’t affordable.
    The saga of Ankaraspor and their punishment continues. is reporting that Ankaraspor club chairman Ruhi Kurnaz has appealed to FIFA to reverse the decision of Ankaraspor getting sent down a division. Kurnaz went on a sports radio program and said that there was no such thing that Ankaraspor could not appeal to FIFA, there will be an appeal filed. Kurnaz went on to say that the club would go through all channels possible to get the decision reversed, whether it would be FIFA and/or the Court for Arbitration of Sport (CAS). As reported earlier, the Arbitration board of the TFF will make a decision on the status of Ankaraspor’s relegation on September 30th. Everything will most likely be resolved then, but Ankaraspor may extend the duration of this fight.