Some personal opinions on TSL matches I watched this week.

I didn’t get to watch the Beşiktaş match this week. Considering they lost this week, I’m sure it wasn’t a sight to see. I keep wondering what is wrong with that club. Is it because they didn’t make the transfers needed? Maybe Mustafa Denizli can’t repeat the same success in the season following a double winning season. I don’t know. What I do know is that Beşiktaş really needs to get its act together, because they are fading fast. I do think that Denizli should not resign at this point. I think it would be beneficial for Beşiktaş to have some consistency this year. I did get to watch Trabzonspor. Trabzonspor did look pretty good I thought. The match they had with Antaylaspor was pretty boring in the first half, except for the stoppage time goal. The 2nd half really picked up the pace and I enjoyed that. Fenerbahçe did not look good. It seems as though the club is the type of team to just grind out wins, instead of being flashy. They also seem to just sit back and counterattack too much. Colin Kazim-Richards seems like a little punk for his outbursts against the home fans when he got substituted. Galatasaray needed some last minute heroics. I had really thought that Kasımpaşa would actually pull off the upset. Galatasaray looked on the ropes for a bit, but they made a Houdini-esque escape and still kept their perfect record. Shabani Nonda should be getting a medal pretty soon (or not, ;)). Coming up on week 9, the derby of Turkey will take place between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. Many people are hoping for the clubs to be perfect so that the derby will have some extra sizzle if you will. I plan on doing a history piece on the Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray rivalry sometime before the derby is set to kick off. I plan on doing my research and I really want to make this special. So watch out for that.