Turkcell Super League: It’s official – Ankaraspor is demoted.

AnkarasporStarting at 3:00pm Turkish time today, the TFF Arbitration Board met for nearly six hours to decide the fate of Ankaraspor.  Ankaraspor were previously reported to be penalized by immediately demotion into the Bank Asya 1st Division.  Due to the rumors going around that both Ankaragücü and Ankaraspor were going to merge, due to the fact that Melih Gokcek, the mayor of Ankara, is the honorary chairman of Ankaraspor.  His son, Ahmet, is the chairman of Ankaragücü.  So there was a certain truth to the merger rumors.  The Professional Football Disciplinary Committee (PFDK) thought that this was against the nature of sporting competition and damaging to the integrity of the game.  The Arbitration Board ruled today that since Ankaraspor violated the integrity of the game by trying to transfer shares of the Ankaragücü club to Ankaraspor and have a merger.  Ankaraspor will be demoted a division.  They basically supported the ruling of the PDFK.  I am not certain of the status of the situation regard the teams that Ankaraspor played this year.  Apparently, teams that had lost points against Ankaraspor will not be awarded the points that were lost.