Holiday Book Recommendations

The Holiday Season is upon us, and nothing makes a better gift for an American footy fan than an insightful and analytical book about the beautiful game.

The following ten football books are the official recommendations of TKR’s Editor, Kartik Krishnaiyer.  Most of these works weave politics, societal issues and football together and serve as an education portrait of either a forgone era or the state of play in parts of the world American fans may not be familiar with.

Kuper Football Against the Enemy

Foer How Soccer Explains the World

Cresswell/Evans European Football: The Rough Guide

Kuper/Szymanski     Soccernomics: Why England Loses

Kuper Ajax, The Dutch, the War

Goldblatt The Ball is Round: A Global History of Football

Wangerin Soccer in a Football World

Ronay The Manager: The Absurd Ascent of the Most Important Man in Football

Hill The Fix: Football and Organized Crime

Wilson Behind the Curtain: Travels in Eastern Europe