Domenech replaced before the World Cup?

Guy Chambily...trouble-maker or saviour? (L'Equipe).

While it has been on the mind of many French supporters, and has been talked about in all football circles, not just in France but abroad, Guy Chambily, a member of the FFF, said that he plans on putting the contract of Raymond Domenech on the organization’s agenda in an upcoming meeting of the governing body on December 18th.

“I wrote a letter to Jean-Pierre Escalettes asking him to place the renewal of Domenech’s contract on the agenda of the next meeting of the federal council on Dec. 18,” Chambily told soccer magazine France Football, according to ESPN.

Chambily also added “”I have two goals: the departure of Raymond Domenech and the protection of Jean-Pierre Escalettes, a very good man, who I know has been affected, even traumatized, by the situation we find ourselves in.”

Now that Chambily has made this statement and the question has been asked, Jean-Pierre Escalettes said that he is trying to avoid a crisis, according to L’Equipe. “”I think it’s more important to try to see what we can do to restore, recover if possible, this negative image rather than starting on the same controversy which lasted for two years,” said Escalettes.

Jean-Louis Valentin, managing director of the FFF, said that this debate at his time would not be ideal and would do more harm than good. “The president considers that such a debate would be ill-timed and counter-productive, both for the Federation and the French team,” said Valentin.