Could this be the most compelling NFL season of all time?

The two undefeated teams play this Saturday night on  Just when you thought the NFL was out of storylines, they outdo themselves once again.  Will New Orleans and Indianapolis play for this year’s Super Bowl as undefeated teams?  Probably not, but their league could not have asked for a better plotline.

It’s the one plotline that has never been used this far into a season, and look, their scheduled on their own network for Saturday.  Wow!  Talk about good fortune for a relatively new network.

Will U.S. pro Soccer ever see the drama that the NFL offers?  They both play with the same amount of players and the field has the same dimensions, for the most part.

For Soccer fans who understand and get it, they know Soccer is amazing to watch and they know you get great games and duds, just like the Super Bowl.  But for sportsfans, it is hard to imagine more excitement from spectator sports, than what American Football brings.  This is why so many of the Dallas Cowboys hardcore fans are originally from Mexico, where Soccer is king.

The last 2 Super Bowls were outrageously, incredibly entertaining.  If the Colts and Saints do meet for the championship, it would be hard to imagine a more thrilling contest than the last couple of Super Bowls.   But, the thought has grabbed everybody’s attention.

This NFL season will go down in history as one unlike any before it.  It’s been great because it has been relatively devoid of controversy.  It is a performance-based conversation only.  There is no conjecture involved.  Maybe the Colts didn’t deserve to beat the Pats or the Saints didn’t deserve to beat the Skins, but they did.

Other Notes of Interest:

*The Seattle Mariners of MLB have made some of the biggest noise this off-season, signing big-time players and making moves to position themselves as a bigger threat to win a championship.  There doesn’t seem to be a time in the recent past when they made so much noise.  How much of this has to do with the fact that they are the only city, maybe outside of Toronto, that seems to have a legitimate competition going on for the sports fan’s dollar.  Are the Sounders the catalyst for the Mariner’s big spending spree?

*What is the Tiger Woods effect on Soccer, if any?  An argument could be made that without Tiger, golf is less interesting to watch and some sportsfans may switch their allegiances to Soccer.  Of course, a strike by MLS players would nullify any progress with sportsfans and/or golf fans, who are thinking of giving Soccer a shot.