Hughes Should Stay

Mark Hughes time at Manchester City has not been smooth by any stretch of the imagination. The side is currently underachieving after the manager asked his critic to judge him based on this season’s results.

Yet, City’s Arab owners need to be cautious in pulling the trigger. Hughes understands British football and the Premier League better than any manager currently available on the open market. Bringing in a continental manager who will have difficulty with English players is a recipe for disaster and could send City closer to the relegation zone than to the top four.

From a tactical standpoint, Sparky is trying to get the Blues to play with style, but has been forced to mold several disparate parts together. City has overspent on the attack, while neglecting the defense. The sale of longtime skipper Richard Dunne and the unwillingness to buy former City defender Sylvan Distain speaks loudly to the priorities of City’s board.

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