The gag order placed by the USSF on parties involved in the dispute between USL and several of its (former?) clubs  has precluded fans of the clubs and reporters from gathering much information the past few days.This gag order was necessary given the poisoned waters of the rhetorical war that had ensued between all parties.

I am told by a source close to the situation that the USSF has been working diligently to foster a compromise that will work in the best interests of all the affected clubs. The source reveals that Dan Flynn, the Secretary General of US Soccer has done a remarkable job of attempting to build a consensus based solution to the extremely tricky situation. Flynn, I have been told has shown remarkable leadership the past several weeks.

Our source maintains that all plans currently being considered, would permit every current second division club scheduled to play in 2010, to play somewhere, be it in USL or a newly sanctioned NASL. It is possible that only one second division will play in 2010, but that every team planning to play in 2010 will be permitted to play regardless of the league they play in. So rumors that some teams would be dropped based on which league gets sanctioned can now cease.

With this small piece of information revealed, I certainly hope supporters of the affected clubs will have a Merry Christmas knowing whether it is the USL or NASL, to plan on a 2010 season. I have received a few emails from supporters of various clubs concerned that they will not have live soccer in 2010. Based on what I have learned, I believe fans can be assured their teams will play in 2010, even if we don’t know which league they will compete in, just yet.