Turkcell Super League – Digiturk retains Super League broadcast rights through 2014.

Digiturk, the satellite service hosting LigTV, has renewed their contract to broadcast the Turkcell Super League for the next four seasons, from the 2010 to 2014.  Digiturk will play $321 million each season for the broadcast rights.  Compare that with the current deal that Digiturk has, which is $140 million dollars per year, starting from 2005.  They gain the right to broadcast at least four matches per week, and can broadcast through terrestrial transmitters, cable, satellite, internet, and 3G networks.  TRT has won the broadcast rights to the Bank Asya 1st division.  The matches can be broadcast over the same avenues as the Digiturk deal, but they must broadcast at least three matches per week.  Both broadcasters reserve the right to rename the league through sponsorship.

With Digiturk retaining the broadcast rights to the Super League, it looks certain that only the big four of Turkish soccer will be broadcast.  One of my complaints about Digiturk (and LigTV) is that they almost never broadcast Anatolian teams from outside the big four (Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor).  While I realize that these teams don’t have the prestige of the big four clubs, it would be helpful to Turks and non-Turks who follow Turkish football to see how these teams play.  Plus, the TV exposure to the Anatolian clubs would be very beneficial to them.  LigTV has always had this big four complex where they care about the big four and Anatolian clubs don’t exist, except for a few highlights.  The only time Anatolian clubs will get exposure is if they are playing the big four, or if they are making a run to the league title.  A good example of the latter would be Sivasspor last season, and Bursaspor and Kayserispor this season.  I guarantee nobody would be caring about Kayserispor getting broadcast on LigTV if they weren’t leading the Super League table for two weeks.  So with Super League matches staying on LigTV for the foreseeable future don’t count on Anatolian clubs to get some TV time.  That is unless there is a serious contender for the league title.