Turkcell Super League – week 19 – Friday and Saturday matches.

The march to the Turkcell Super League championship continues onward this week.  A total of three games were featured on Friday and Saturday.  After their match last week was postponed, Beşiktaş got their second half of the season started with a trip down to Antalya to play Antalyaspor.  Trabzonspor looked to improve their chances in clinching a Europa League spot, as they headed down to Diyarbakir to face Diyarbakirspor.  Kasımpaşa is only three points above the relegation zone, while Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor is still in the middle of the table.  Those two teams would meet for local supremacy.

Friday’s match had Beşiktaş head down to the vacation city of Antalya to face Antalyaspor.  Both teams were playing their first on-field league match since December.  Beşiktaş had their match last week postponed, while Antalyaspor got the free three points because they would have played the disqualified Ankaraspor.  Both teams looked a bit rusty as there was very little action in the first half, with the first half ending 0-0.  The action would heat up in the second half.  In the 53rd minute, a Beşiktaş cross from the left flank into the box by Rodrigo Tabata, was headed towards the goal by Tomas Sivok.  The header was saved by Antalyaspor goalkeeper Omer Catkic and out for a corner.  Some controversy erupted after the corner was taken when it appeared that Radoslav Batak of Antalyaspor handled the ball.  It may have looked like incidental contact, but the referee pointed to the penalty spot.  Bobo took the penalty and scored to give Beşiktaş the lead 1-0.  Antalyaspor came out furiously trying to tie the match.  The 61st minute saw Necati Ates attempt a header on goal, but ended up in the hands of Beşiktaş goalkeeper Rustu Recber.  The 70th minute saw Serge Djiehoua head a crossing ball out for a goal kick.  Fatih Ceylan had a volley deflected out by Beşiktaş’ Ekrem Dag in the 74th minute.  With all of the opportunities that Antalyaspor had, it seemed like Beşiktaş were lucky that attempts on goal were missed, cleared, or turned around for counterattacks.  Beşiktaş held on for the win 1-0.

Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor and Kasımpaşa met in the first match on Saturday.  The two mid-table sides looked to consolidate their positions.  Kasımpaşa got the scoring started in the 2nd minute.  Sahin Aygunes received a through ball from Andre Moritz and scored.  The 18th minute saw Aygunes leave the ball and Yekta Kurtulus shot the ball on goal, but into the hands of Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor goalkeeper Kenan Hasagic.  Kasımpaşa doubled their lead in the 29th minute.  Okan Buruk’s pass ended up with Kasımpaşa’s Murat Erdogan.  Erdogan went into the box alone and scored.  The first half ended with Kasımpaşa up 2-0.  Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor would dominate the second half.  In the 50th minute, Ekrem Eksioglu’s crossing pass from the left flank was headed into the net by Herve Tum to make the score 2-1.  Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor tied the match in the 57th minute, as Iskender Alin scored off a through ball by Ali Guzeldal.  Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor then took the lead in the 69th minute.  Serhat Gulpinar’s shot in the penalty area was saved, but Iskender Alin put the rebound in the net.  Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor then clinched the match in the 80th minute.  Ali Guzeldal’s corner from the right side was headed home by Tevfik Kose.  Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor won the match 4-2 and Kasımpaşa is now dangerously close to the relegation zone.

In the final match on Saturday, Diyarbakirspor hosted Trabzonspor.  Trabzonspor had not lost any matches in 2010 (both Turkish Cup and league matches) and was looking to extend that unbeaten streak.  It looked good for Trabzonspor in the 16th minute.  Alanzinho’s shot on goal was saved for a corner.  From Gustavo Colman’s resulting corner, Engin Baytar shot the ball into the net to put Trabzonspor on the board 1-0.  Diyarbakirspor tied the game in the 22nd minute.  Celaleddin Kocak’s shot was saved by Trabzonspor goalkeeper Onur Kivrak.  Thierry Tazemeta got to the loose ball and scored to tie the match.  Trabzonspor almost took back the lead in the 38th minute, as Selcuk Inan’s free kick hit the crossbar.  One minute later, Trabzonspor got the lead back.  Gustavo Colman crossed the ball from the left flank into the penalty area, and Engin Baytar headed the ball into goal.  The first half ended with a 2-1 advantage to Trabzonspor.  Diyarbakirspor nearly tied the match in the 64th minute.  Tazemeta’s crossing pass found Erhan Senturk right in front of the Trabzonspor goal, but Senturk’s shot was too powerful and went over the bar.  In the 69th minute, another opportunity came for Trabzonspor, but Serkan Balci’s header went off the post and was cleared by the Diyarbakirspor defense.  The 72nd minute saw Ceyhun Gulselam cross the ball in front of the goal, but Umut Bulut couldn’t make any contact with the ball and the ball rolled out.  Trabzonspor went on to win the match 2-1.  Trabzonspor remained sixth in the standings and are now two points behind Beşiktaş, but Beşiktaş have yet to make up its postponed match from week 18 against Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor.