The Kartik Report returns January 1

Our (re)launch date is January 1st and we aim to be the number one source for Florida soccer news within six months. We will feature audio, video long-form feature articles, societal impact pieces and news stories. Stay tuned to this space for announcements about new writers and a new look for this page. 
Below are some testimonials from my soccer journalistic colleagues regarding the re-launch of the Kartik Report. I look forward to speaking with everyone in greater detail about both these projects in the coming days. Further information about the website will be forthcoming before the end of December.

“Kartik Krishnaiyer is a popular and often outspoken voice in the soccer landscape. While his opinions may be controversial, his knowledge is unquestionable, as he bridges the gap between North America and Europe. Passionate about football, his reach extends past the top flight and gives you a context that many pundits fail to consider. A great member of the soccer fraternity, Kartik is a voice worth listening to.”
—   Kristan Heneage, ITV, Sky Sports also a contributor to The New York Times and Bloomberg
“Florida soccer and the name Kartik Krishnaiyer are nearly synonymous. Krishnaiyer, who cut his soccer teeth on the old NASL’s Fort Lauderdale Strikers, grew a passion for the game that may have started in Florida but bloomed well beyond that. He became not only a huge US National team fan but a supporter of English football and soon the European game. It wasn’t long after Krishnaiyer, was reporting, writing opinion pieces and recording podcast on the beautiful game played in Florida, the US, Europe, the Caribbean and Central and South America. In doing so he developed a vast network of soccer associates from around the world that were in-the-know and added to his soccer wherewithal. 
Krishnaiyer is well respected by his peers who often marvel at his great recall of events causing some to remark that he is a walking encyclopedia of soccer knowledge. 
Interestingly, Krishnaiyer’s domestic passion for the game eventually brought him back to his roots where he became the first media relations director for the new NASL that was launched in 2011. 
Most recently, Krishnaiyer has been the play-by-play man for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers but he has also been a vocal supporter of both the Tampa Bay Rowdies and Orlando City move to MLS.
Soccer fans can now check out the Kartik Report for the latest in breaking news and insight on the game in Florida and beyond. “
—   Brian Quarstad , founder IMS Soccer News and contributor to many other websites
“Kartik is one of the most discerning football followers I know. His ability to synthesize a fan’s passion with unbiased analysis is crucial to the way I look at and write about the game. While he is one of the most knowledgeable people I about football, that knowledge is matched by a supporter’s passion when the topic veers to Florida teams. There may be nobody better situated to trumpet, critique the state’s past, present, and future than Krishnaiyer.”
 Richard Farley,, contributor to The Guardian, formerly of &
“The very first time I ever talked to Kartik Krishnaiyer  was in early 2008 during  our time at the Champions Soccer Radio Network as he was running the American Soccer Show and asked me to jump in to fill in for Dave Denholm (From FOX Sports).
Before recording the show we had a conversation about soccer in our respective states since I am in New York & he is in South Florida & I have to say that I was blown away with his knowledge of the game & his passion for Soccer in the State of Florida.
This is a man who was on a mission to make sure the sport thrives in the state of Florida and becomes bigger than the normal pro & college teams in the states. From those days of the Miami Fusion to now the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers, the Tampa Bay Rowdies, Orlando City making the move to MLS & this 2nd attempt with Miami along with David Beckham backing the project Kartik Krishnaiyer will show his heart & passion on his sleeve.
Too all who love this game that resides in the State of Florida, you must come to this new site as he will be there with you or against you depending on who you support, but always gives a firm & honest opinion.”
—   Daniel Feuerstein, Host Feuerstein’s Fire national radio show
“With his football journalistic endeavors in the US, his extensive political background and his leadership in bringing the NASL back to life, Kartik has massive experience covering both American and European football culture while putting it in a proper social and geopolitical context. He thrives on digging out the real story from the club’s training grounds to supporter culture in city centers, to the match day experience at more grounds than most North American’s have seen on the box. He understands football culture as well as the societal impact.”
—   Peter Brown, former CMO of